Thursday, 1 October 2015

Genetic Genealogy: An introduction (8 week fully online course)

There are still places available on the next 8 week online course, Genetic Genealogy: An introduction which I am helping to run through the University of Strathclyde.  The course is aimed at those who are considering purchasing a test kit or have recently dipped their toes into genetic genealogy to assist their research.

"This class aims to impart a basic knowledge of the scientific and technological aspects of genetic genealogy and teach the skills needed to interpret DNA test results for genealogy.  There has been an increasing interest in genetic genealogy as the technology of DNA testing has developed and the potential for genealogical applications has become clear. The scientific and technological complexities of the subject make it challenging for genealogists and family historians, who are more likely to feel an affinity with the field of arts and humanities, rather than that of science and technology. Many individuals who have a DNA test carried out find it very difficult to fully understand the meaning of the results and what further tests and/or genealogical research might prove worthwhile. This class addresses this issue and illustrates that genetic genealogy is an important tool in the field of genealogical studies. The class is also suitable for those who have not yet taken a test."

The course is fully online and starts on Monday 5 October 2015.
The cost is £155.

You can book onto the course here:

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Friday, 10 May 2013

DNA testing is becoming cheaper

The financial cost of taking your first steps into the world of genetic genealogy to further genealogical research has reduced significantly in the last few months.  Family Tree DNA have reduced their basic 12 marker Y-DNA and mtDNAPlus test to approximately £38.

The paternal 12 marker test and the maternal mtDNA Plus are ideally priced to be used to preserve a DNA sample from an elderly relative for future research.  These tests can easily be upgraded at a later date using the same sample.  Additional products can also be ordered such as the autosomal DNA test called Family Finder which compares DNA inherited from all 16 of your great great-grandparents.

The mtDNA Full Sequence test has been reduced in price and now £134.  Exact matches found through the mtDNA Full Sequence test have a 50% chance of matching within 5 generations or a 90% chance within 16 generations. 

The Family Finder test which is for close cousin matching back to your 16 great great-grandparents  is now only £74.

Check the new pricing structure at Your Scottish Ancestry the official Scottish representative for Family Tree DNA.

The new pricing structure can be downloaded here here.

Alasdair email:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fife Family History Society - DNA talk

Thanks to the Fife Family History Society for their warm welcome in Cupar last night as I presented my talk on the Scottish DNA Project and an introduction to DNA testing.  Special thanks to Hugh Hoffman, Frances Black and Ali Murray.  Also great to meet up with Archie Lumsden administrator of the Lumsden DNA Project.
I have quite a few Fife connections on my maternal side including Russells from Kingskettle just along the road from Cupar as well as Drummonds, Lindsays, Blacks and Auchterlonies elsewhere in the kingdom to name but a few.