Thursday, 26 October 2017

LivingDNA - One World One Family - Scotland

LivingDNA have finally launched their One World One Family DNA project and it includes Scotland!

I was involved with helping bring together aspects of the Scotland project and many of you will be pleased to see that the country is now divided up into 20 regions.  These are roughly based on current administrative areas simply so that individuals submitting the birthplace of their four grandparents  for the research aspect of the project can be accurately mapped. (thid link no longer works 17/12/2018)

Their publicity material for the project states:

"This 5 year initiative will analyse people’s DNA results from around the world allowing them to see for the first time, where they fit on the One World Family Tree, which will show people how we are all related if you go back far enough in time.
By using proprietary technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the project will see tens of thousands of computers working together to identify distinctive and shared patterns in people’s DNA. Over time, Living DNA will be able to produce the most detailed genetic map of the world, enabling people to explore both their modern ancestry and ancient migration patterns."

How can you get involved?
Anyone can join the project and help build the tree by visiting People who have already done a DNA test with another company can upload their results and take part for free.  Others can join by taking their own Living DNA test.  All existing Living DNA members will have the opportunity to join the project for free. 

In addition, any new DNA testers that have four grandparents born within 50 miles of one another will receive a special discount because their results will help us create in-country regional mapping. No data from anyone joining the project will be sold. This part of the project builds on the Irish and German regional research projects and we would like to thank everyone who has taken part and we are looking for more participants.

If your grandparents are from another country in the world there may well be a project available:

If you have not yet tested you can do so through this link Order Living DNA Test 

LivingDNA will also be launching a DNA matching facility which is in the final stages of testing.  They are aiming to get this live by the end of the year.


  1. So not for Americans with Scot and Other backgrounds

  2. Can I upload my DNA from

  3. Connie the research project is for those who have 4 grandparents born within 50 miles of each other. If you do not match that criteria you can still upload your atDNA data for free from other companies to participate for free in the matching which is being launched in the future. You will justy not be able to access the bio-geographical aspect which needs a LivingDNA test.

  4. Lynn, yes you can upload 23andMe data. See the bottom of this link

  5. Most likely not for me as my ancestors came over in the late 1700s to the USA. I have done many DNA tests, FTDNA, y-111, Big Y, mtDNA, and autosomal in both FTDNA and ancestry. FYI, I am part of the Z-251 group and at this time, my terminal DNA is Y-15785. Some of my closest Y matches have ancestors in Scotland, as I do, I think. I only know his oldest known son came on a ship from Ayrshire Scotland. My FTDNA is 255219.