DNA Test Kits

I am Scottish representative for Family Tree DNA and can sell their test kits.  These can be ordered and paid for in £Sterling and allocated to any of the projects hosted by Family Tree DNA.

Ordering a DNA kit
Please e-mail me at alasdair@familytreedna.com for further information on any of the available tests.

Alternatively visit my website Yours Scottish Ancestry

Order a LivingDNA test through this link - LivingDNA Test

Family DNA Test kits
I would recommend the Y-DNA 37 marker test as a minimum for surname research. With 67 markers you will get a better estimate of the time to a common ancestor with good matches.

Y-DNA 37 marker test
This is a male specific test. Results identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the paternal line. It includes a balanced panel of thirty-seven Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeat, STR, markers.  This is the recommended test to trace the paternal ancestry of males for genealogy purposes.  Your results will be added to Family Tree DNA, which is the largest database of its kind in the world.

It gives you probabilities for the time period in which two individuals are related.  A perfect match at thirty-seven markers indicates the two individuals share common ancestry in recent times.  A haplogroup is determined and backed by our SNP Assurance Program.  When another person shows identical results within our database, if both parties have signed the Family Tree DNA Release Form, then we will inform them of the match.  The customer will also receive a certificate and report describing the testing process and the meaning of thirty-seven marker matches. 

Y-DNA 67 marker test

The additional 30 markers refine the predicted time period in which two individuals are related and can eliminate matches which are not relevant.

Family Finder test
With Family Tree DNA's autosomal Family Finder test you may extend the power of genetic genealogy to all of your ancestors. Using a test of your own DNA, you can discover connections to descendants of all sixteen of your great-great-grandparents! The Family Finder test will not only open avenues for traditional research but will help you discover the hidden connections that could explain your family’s migrations.

Family Tree DNA place you in control. When you take the Family Finder test, your results are compared against their Family Finder database. Your list of matches is designed to be quickly sorted to allow you to focus on your near or distant cousins. You have the ability to upload a Gedcom file along with your ancestral surnames and geographical locations.

Email addresses are provided for easy communication with your near or distant cousins enabling you to share research easily. Family Tree DNA will notify you by email when you have new matches. Your raw data file is freely available for download allowing you to use utilities such as

Combined tests
Family Finder + Y-DNA12
Family Finder + Y-DNA37
Family Finder + Y-DNA67
Family Finder + mtDNAPlus
Family Finder + mtFullSequence

Mitochondrial - mtDNA (maternal line) test
Mitochondrial-DNA (mtDNA) is located outside of the chromosomes in the mitochondria. mtDNA is passed from a mother to her children. For this reason all children from one woman have the same mtDNA. 
The children of the daughters of this woman have the same mtDNA and so on. Note men do not pass mtDNA onto their children.

Analysing the Mitochondrial-DNA (mtDNA) enables you to ascertain your personal family history on the maternal line. Both men and women may take this test. It traces the direct maternal line without influence from other lines.

Combined mtDNA and
Y-Chromosome tests

Y-DNA 37+ mtDNAPlus
Y-DNA 67+ mtDNAPlus
Y-DNA 37+ mtFullSequence
Y-DNA 67+ mtFullSequence

Postage within the UK and return to USA is included
Order Family Tree DNA kits via: www.yourscottishancestry.com