Tuesday, 18 September 2012

CIRCLE: A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters c. 1244 - 1509

As some of you know I like old documents and tonight I have been browsing CIRCLE: A Calendar of Irish Chancery Letters c. 1244 - 1509. Although these documents and transcriptions are rather early for most genealogists they do contain useful information for historical purposes.

The records of the Irish chancery were destroyed on 30 June 1922 in an explosion and fire in the Public Record Office of Ireland, located at the Four Courts, Dublin. Among the most important classes of record destroyed were the medieval Irish chancery rolls. 

CIRCLE is the culmination of nearly four decades of work reconstructing these lost records. It brings together all known letters enrolled on the Irish chancery rolls during the Middle Ages (1244–1509) drawing on originals, facsimiles, transcripts and calendars located in archival repositories in The Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and the USA.

The site contains over 20,000 Irish chancery letters translated from Latin into English, together with an unparalleled collection of digital images of surviving medieval chancery letters and rare printed volumes.

Find out more here http://chancery.tcd.ie/content/aims-and-scope 

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